Totalguard Workwear East Mpumalanga is a distributor and supplier of hard working technical workwear, personal protective equipment, security and tactical gear, apparel and welding equipment to the private and government sectors in South Africa and other regions. We firmly believe in old-fashioned ideals like uncompromising quality, exceptional service and unbeatable value for money. We believe that South Africa is a gritty nation proud of it’s hardworking men and women. We believe work ethics and resolve are as much part of our heritage as soccer, rugby and a Saturday “braai” with family and friends. We believe toughness is in our blood. We believe in real workers that want to work hard and look good without looking like they have worked too hard to get there. We believe in being proud of a job. We believe in doing it tough and doing it right. We believe in delivering functional workwear and personal protective equipment without compromise.



Corner of Retief &, W End St, Mkhondo, 2380,2380,South Africa

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